Fact: I just went on an hour long rant about religion. I can keep going.

Freedom of religion does not grant you the right to demean the religion of others, oppress people, and essentially attempt to convert and indoctrinate others into your belief system simply because you think you follow the right one. Freedom of religion DOES mean that people have the freedom to practice whatever religion they so choose as long as it does not interfere or harm the beliefs or well being of others.

For instance, a person cannot attempt to convert people because their religion says its okay. It’s like all those Mormons baptizing dead people.
That’s fucked up, okay?

And all this goddamn religious propaganda? Really?

I think and wholeheartedly believe that all people should have the right to practice and believe in whatever religion they choose AS LONG AS it does NOT interfere with the beliefs and well being of other people. So. I believe in religious freedom.

I personally do not practice a religion. I do not follow religion. I went to a catholic high school and it was horrible. I was told on multiple occasions by my TEACHERS that I was going to hell. No one should have the right to say that to another person because of their personal beliefs. It is wrong, cruel, and manipulative.

If you disagree with me, then fine.

Just don’t move to the US or within 100 miles of me because people will fucking rip your ass apart sooner or later.